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Shree Kalluri

Founder, President/CEO, and Chief Customer Officer
Forte Research Systems, Inc. and Nimblify, Inc.


Shree speaks at clinical research industry, marketing and sales events. He has given presentations that range from conference keynotes to breakouts and workshops.

Sales and Marketing Events

Clinical Research Industry Events


1. Building Trust with Your Audience Using an Inbound Marketing Approach – Everyone wants to sell their product or service, but how do you build trust with your audience before the pitch?

Learn how Forte used an inbound approach to position themselves as the thought-leader in the clinical research industry, generating year over year sustainable growth and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100.

2. Best Practices for Patient-Centric Payments in Clinical Trials – The patient experience is critically important to the success of any clinical study. Yet, they are often unintentionally burdened when payment for participation is delayed, resulting in potential debt and dropouts. Sponsors can help increase both patient satisfaction, with the ability to compensate them immediately after a visit, and clinical staff satisfaction, with streamlined workflows that allow more time for patient care. Though the industry has started to pay stipends and reimbursements using modern options, there is still more that can be done.


Inspired to create a company that makes a difference, Shree Kalluri founded Forte Research Systems, Inc. in 2000. Today, Shree continues to drive the company’s strategic direction and shape the culture that makes Forte a company people and organizations seek out and stay with.  

In 2015, Shree formed Nimblify, Inc. out of Forte Research Systems. He created Nimblify as a separate and independent company with the belief that, in order for drug development to flourish, industry-wide inefficiencies need to be addressed through multiple-stakeholder solutions. Pursuing technologies that make great strides in improving operations, Shree strives to impact the clinical research industry two stakeholders at a time. In addition to running two successful companies, Shree started the blog http://100nps.com to give back to the business community and share best practices to help you grow your business.

Shorter bio for use in events and interviews

Shree Kalluri inspires greatness and challenges organizations to commit to making a difference in the industry they serve. He is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Customer Officer of Forte Research Systems and Nimblify, Inc. As a sought after speaker at industry and business events, he shares his best practices to help organizations make a difference for their customers and communities. Learn more about Shree at shreekalluri.com.


Shree Kalluri, Founder, CEO, and Chief Customer Officer of Forte Research Systems and Nimblify, Inc.

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