Forte Best Places to Work in Madison Wisconsin

Forte Ranked One of the Best Places to Work in Madison, WI

Not only have I seen the company I founded rank at the top for customer satisfaction, Forte has now been recognized for the value we bring to our team members. I’m proud to announce Forte was ranked third of the top 10 largest companies in Madison Magazine’s Best Places to Work in Madison, WI. Continue reading “Forte Ranked One of the Best Places to Work in Madison, WI”


The competition is irrelevant.

There is an old saying–only the lead dog enjoys a change of scenery. You know what all the other dogs are doing? They are just sniffing at the behind of the dog in front.

This is the approach many companies take in competitive markets. They tend to watch what their competition is doing very closely, then quickly try to emulate their product and feature focus and market messaging. However, this approach often sets  a company up for failure.

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The art of the deal–customers first, prospects next.

As consumers, we live in the days of Black Fridays and Groupons. We expect products and services to be available at discounted pricing from time to time. On the flip side we are prepared to accept that, at times, we might have paid more than someone else.

In B2B sales, it’s not uncommon for vendors to offer attractive deals as they face the pressure of quarterly and annual targets, or as they try to land marquee customers. Often this results in better pricing, favorable terms, and a larger scope of license for new customers. However, there is a notable distinction between B2B and B2C markets. 

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Collaboration begins at home.

Collaboration is a very powerful tool. When you co-create solutions with your customers, the end result will solve real problems for real people. Bring a group of customers together, understand their common concerns and through a disciplined process of shared learning, you will arrive at innovative solutions for their challenges. The collaborators will take pride in their contributions and spread the word to their friends and colleagues.

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